a public health research paper about syphilis

Question Description

write a public health research paper about syphilis.


Public Health Problem :

Description and analysis of the public health problem.

•#1: why is the problem in the society?

•#2: how this happened, why this happened etc.

•#3: What are the risks for the community in the future

•#4: What are/were the etiological risk factors?

(What are the prerequisites for the disease?)

For example, etiological risk factors for type II diabetes are: obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise, & stress.

How to Solve the Public Health Problem :

Discussion of how the public health problem can be or was solved.
•#1: description of strategies, PH intervention programs, PH policy etc. •#2: Add examples from other cultures, countries/ or from history of how the problem or one similar was solved to strengthen your discussion

Public Health in the Future :

Discuss how to prevent the public health problem.

•#1: conclusion with justification from research literature what should be done to PREVENT the PH problem.

•#2: comparison with other nations, or other situations, or with the history etc. or you may add your own experience with the problem and how to prevent it

#3: your OPINION on the prevention of this specific PH problem in the future


•Separate Cover Page with paper title, your name, ID, class, year, your instructor’s name

•Length min. 2& 2/3 pages text, 1/3 page references, & 1 page cover for a total of 4 pages (single spaced)

•Organize the paper with three subject headings:

Public health problem, How to solve the PH problem, & Public Health in the future Correct spelling and grammar, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, with 1 to 1.25 inch margins on each side, top and bottom

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