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FIRST:Some evidence suggests that there is a direct and positive relationship between a firm’s size and its top-level managers’ compensation. Explain what inducement you think that relationship provides to upper-level executives. Recommend what can be done to influence the relationship so that it serves shareholders’ interest. PLEASE NO MORE THAN TWO PARAGRAPHS.

NEXT: Dr Pepper Snapple Group 2011: Fighting to Prosper in a Highly Competitive Market Please respond to the following NO MORE THAN TWO PARAGRAPHS:The case study outlines six specific strategies that the firm has chosen to support its strategic direction. Determine which strategy is most likely to benefit the firm. Explain your rationale.Briefly outline at least one other strategy the firm could take to support its strategic direction. Illustrate why this new strategy would be successful. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT A RESPONSE LOOKS LIKE BUT CANNOT BE USED “Out of the six strategies that have been chosen for strategic direction, I feel that building and enhancement leading brands in order to focus on opportunities in high growth and high margin categories. You have to build and create first in order to be successful. Then it bring you to the next steps because without having an adequate gross profit margin, a business cannot pay its expenses and retain earnings for future growth. A high profit margin indicates that a company operates efficiently. Another strategy the firm could take on is continuous product improvement. Dr Pepper could continue to create multi- product manufacturing facilities that provide a region with wide variety of products at a reduced transportation and co packing cost. The improvement of productivity will achieve revenue and net income growth and increase the amount of case returned to stockholders.”…
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