750 word discussion post week 2 lstd510

Primary Post minimums: Each answer is to be between 600-750 words and include “at least” two properly referenced sources for support, in accordance with APA 6th edition.

It is essential that you realize that the Main Forum response of 600-750 words is the minimal expectation is also the minimal expectation; this does not mean by meeting the minimal expectation that you will be awarded an “A.” This is a Master’s Degree program and course and the award of maximum credit is reserved only for those posts that are exemplary.

The content of the Forum Assignment will often ask the student to take a position on a particular topic. However, this is not a strict opinion paper in which you the student can just make a statement of what you think or what your experiences are on a topic. Instead, the student needs to support their opinion or experiences with qualifying research from academic source. APA 6th edition citations and references must be used always.

Additionally, please remember that simply posting the main post and a student colleague response post does not end the forum; the discussion forum should be dialogue that is continual until the Sunday deadline. Also, be mindful of including references and citations whenever citing facts to support your position.

It is essential that you realize that the Main Forum response of 600-750 words is the minimal expectation;

When reading Article I of the Constitution you learned or reviewed, about Congressional authority with regard to the Commerce Clause, the General Welfare (Spending) Clause, taxing authority, treaty power, War Powers, Article III Courts and the Necessary and Proper Clause.

We could spend many weeks on just Article I, but we focused your attention on the Commerce Clause and Gonzales v Oregon.

For you initial forum post discuss:

1) What was the ruling in the case and how did the Commerce clause impact the case?

2) Do you agree with the court’s ruling? Why or why not?

3) Does this ruling close the door to federal regulation of of physician suicide? Should we have such regulation?

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