200 welcome words

I want you to help me writer 200 words welcome words like the sample. https://canvas.instructure.com/eportfolios/24825/Welcome:


Hello, I would like to welcome you to my Writing 39C portfolio. Throughout this 10-week course I have compiled pieces of work that will showcase my growth as a writer and a critical thinker. I was assigned to read from Republic.com 2.0 (pictured above) as a guideline and introduction to various topics that my class could have written on. The topic for my class was “Internet and the First Amendment” and the specific issue I chose to explore for my HCP and AP was social media true threats and cybersecurity legislation, respectively. To introduce you to my writing and my specific areas of growth, I have written a Reflective Introduction. To provide context for my areas of growth, I have included various drafts, prewriting work and peer review accompanying my graded final drafts. All my comments will be in this very same green font and links to various artifacts in the portfolio will be a shade of blue.Ten weeks is not a long time to be able to evaluate oneself and say that one has grown, but I believe this 10 weeks has played a monumental role in turning me into the writer I am today. Welcome!

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