2 page paper with Project Ideas ?

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Prepare a two-page project proposal dealing with electrical engineering technology. You should research the field of electrical engineering technology and come up with a project idea that is relevant and appropriate. Your report should be as per the suggested proposal format. This assignment will be carried out as a team activity involving 2-4 students per team wherein the team members will be exchanging project ideas and developing each one’s unique project at the end of the second week. The composition of each project team will be decided by your instructor; he/she may also nominate a team leader or leave the option to the team members to nominate one of them as the team leader. Once a project team is formed, it is your responsibility to collaborate in all the team activities until module 4 pertaining to your capstone project. The team leader will take lead in facilitating the collaborations.

The project team should post and share its draft proposal outlining the 4-5 (or more) project ideas by the end of the first week. Your instructor may review it and provide his/her feedback during the first half of the second week, along with alternate project ideas/suggestions. Each project team member should then submit his/her finalized and unique project proposal by the end of the second week. You may gather project ideas from your work experience or search the internet. Some project ideas are in the following web pages:

While developing your project idea, please strive to limit the project components’ cost to about $50-100. You should also keep in mind that you should be able to test your project using simple tools such as a multimeter or audio sound though a speaker. Please note that if your project proposal would not meet the academic standards of this degree program, your instructor will suggest alternate project that you are expected to carry out.

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