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 In the article, “Health Disparity and Structural Violence: How Fear Undermines Health among Immigrants at Risk for Diabetes”, it reports the interconnectedness between fear and health. High levels of poverty and a decreased sense of educational attainment is directly linked to interconnectedness between fear and health. It was reported that participants commonly feared cost of health care, language, discrimination, immigration status, and cultural disconnect.

            First, it was reported that low economic status correlates with high uninsured rates. Economic insecurity is one prominent dimension of fear in relation to the financial burden associated with illness. It has been reported that people fear seeking health care with concerns of the cost involved (Practice, 2013).

            Next, participants voiced strong concerns regarding discrimination that immigrants face on multiple levels on a daily basis. They feel that those lacking English- speaking skills are discriminated by health care. Participants report that discrimination often begins in the disapproval of the receptionist who makes them feel like a burden or ashamed of themselves (Practice, 2013).

            Lastly, people fear their inability to discuss the fact that they use traditional remedies to cure health problems. Many people hide their alternative medicine routinely in the fear that their doctor will scold them (Practice, 2013).

            I do agree that structural violence perpetuates health disparity. Unfortunately, these are common fears in many people in the United Stated and I am ashamed that these are the fears related to health care. Many people go uninsured because of fears and only seek medical attention in a time of an emergency. Although, their emergency could have been prevented if they were not scared of seeking medical attention before the emergency occurred. 


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